You have found a candidate….next step?

Now you’ve found a potential candidate it is recommended that you use a video call for the first contact and do an online skills test. Should  it be desirable and suitable, you could let the candidate travel in for a face-to-face interview and (possible) assessment.

Important formalities

When the candidate travels to the Nehterlands from outside the EU/EEA or Switserland, an entry visa may be required. This varies by nationality and details can be found on the IND website or by contacting the Expat Center East Netherlands.

There are a number of formalities to consider when hiring an international:
Does the candidate come from the EU/EEA or Switzerland? No work and residence permits are required. Does the candidate come from outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland? Work and residence permits are required.  For higher skilled staff this is usually the Highly Skilled Migrant, Researcher or Intra Corporate Transferee permit. The exact procedure depends on the nationality, duration of the labor contract and job function of the candidate.

Are you already an accredited sponsor with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) ? This status is a requirement to be able to hire the candidate within the Knowledge Migrant Scheme and to use its accelerated procedures. Aren’t you an accredited sponsor ? Than this would be the first step to take in which the Expat Center can assist you.

Accompanying partner + family
Your new employee may also want to bring family members.  Should his/her partner/family come from outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland, a residence permit must be also applied for. The employer can arrange this and we would be happy to assist you.

Dual careers & housing

A job for the partner may be a prerequisite for the candidate to take the job. We can assist you and your new employee in this stage already with the possibilities, requirements and search for an appropriate function. Our service partners in recruitment can be of assistance as well.

Naturally it’s good to investigate the possibilities of housing in an early stage as well. Buy or rent, location, short stay, furnished or not …. are all questions to keep in mind even before moving to the Netherlands. The Expat Center can assist with the Relocation Service and informs the international about the possibilities of housing, schools for the children (i.e. the International School Twente in Enschede or International School Eerde near Ommen), etc.

30% Ruling

Your candidate may have questions about taxation, or the implications of buying a house. As employer you will also be dealing with a number of new rulings. For instance, an international may make additional costs.  These costs can be compensated by an employer by providing 30% of the wage, including remuneration, tax-free (the tax benefit, called 30% tax ruling). This benefit is applied for by the employer at the Belastingdienst.
Should you have questions regarding the 30% ruling, you can contact our partner Elfrink-ten Bokum for advise.

The Expat Center will assist you

Our team of advisors will gladly inform you with personlised advice and practical services:

  • Application of the accredited sponsorship at the IND
  • Advise on short term visa for the Netherlands
  • Application of the work- and residence permits, including the temporary (travel) permit
  • Relocation Service for housing and personal information on living and working in the Netherlands

Contact us about the possibilities.

Life and living in East Netherlands

Twente, the work life region. An environment in which a successful career can be combined with a safe and pleasant living environment. An environment in which art, culture and sport are important parts of life and well-being. From theater, events to exhibitions in cities and authentic villages.

Twente offers an inspiring educational environment, with educational institutions focused on entrepreneurship, thereby bringing talents from all over the world to Twente. With more than 3130 high-tech companies looking for talent on a daily basis, you can continue to develop in Twente.

Twente is an easy accessible region by road, rail, water or air. With an attractive and accessible working climate that ensures the arrival of internationally oriented, innovative companies. Three high-tech hotspots, which are closely linked, form an attractive working environment and facilities for the modern employer and employee.

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