What more can we do for “our” expat?

Your new employee has started working, found a house and the children are going to school, so everything is arranged ? Actually not….. after the first busy weeks of relocation, arranging practical things like labor contract, BSN and insurances things will settle down and life will go back to “normal”, but it’s also a period where more time can be spend on i.e. building a social network. You as employer and the Expat Center can assist with this new fase.


A Buddy can be helpfull both at work and in every day life. Assigning a buddy will ensure that your new employee will settle in quickly within your organisation. The expat learns the company culture and is acquainted with unwritten rules that are present in every company.

The Expat Center has its own Expat Buddy Program in which enthousiastic Dutchies assist (new) expats for a period of 3 months. During their meetups the expat will learn about local customs and gets to know the area. For this free service your employees can register, by sending us an email. You can become a buddy yourself as well of course !

Dutch language training

Learning the Dutch language ensures faster integration at and outside work. For the partner who wants to work as well it is recommended to learn Dutch in order to increase the chance on finding a job.

Register (your employee) for the course in Hengelo. Being taught in small groups (maximum 10 persons), specially meant for higher educated migrants, there is room for personal attention and tailor-made assignments. The lessons are held in the evening from 18.00-20.00 to serve people who work even better. It is also possible to follow private lessons or get in-company training by one of our partners partners NKTH language training, Flowently, vanTaal and Ennef.

Register now for the new courses
The next courses will start in February, 2024
Total duration of the course is 16 lessons for levels A0-A1 and A1-A2. The lessons are given in the evening
Fee: €650,– (ex BTW), including text book.
The location is the  World Trade Center Twente, located next to the train station in Hengelo.

Contact the Expat Center for more information, details and registration by email info@ecen.nl


The success of living and working abroad mostly depends on a general feeling of welbeing, in short: the expat wants to have, besides a good job, a good time ! He or she wants to get to know the country, its customs and make new friends.

The Expat Center contributes by organises about 20 social events annually. Such as a visit to Giethoorn, a workshop or our monthly Meet & Greet. We also organise information evenings regarding the Dutch tax system, health care and CV training for family members.


Do you have any questions? Of course we are happy to speak to you personally, in Dutch or English. You can reach us by calling + 31 (0) 74 2503325, sending an email to info@ecen.nl or fill in the contact form.