What should be arranged upon arrival?

Upon arrival in the Netherlands, a few important formalities should be taken care of soon, like a Burger Service Nummer and the IND formalities. In the “one stop shop”, our Welcome Center in the municipal office of Enschede, an appointment can be made to handle these formalities.

Formalities – Need to know

In the Welcome Center your new employee will be registered in the Register of Basic Registration Persons (BRP), he or she obtains a citizen Service number (BSN) and will get practical information from the Expat Center about living and working in the Netherlands. The Immigration Service (IND) is present as well to hand out the residence pass or take biometrics. This service is avalaible on Mondays and meant for non-EU Highly Skilled migrants, Researchers, people with a Start-Up visa or Orientation year Visa and their families. For registration in the Twente Region 6 cities joined this service: Almelo, Borne, Enschede, Hengelo, Hof van Twente and Oldenzaal.
Additional opening hours are on Wednesdays, for taking biometrics and issuing the residence pass (not for registration).

Contact the Expat Center for making an appointment and more details about opening hours. A fee is charged for this service which we gladly explain.

In addition, consider:

  • Opening a local bank account
  • Arrange health insurance
  • Register with a General Practioner (GP)
  • Applications for water, gas and electricity and Internet

Formalities – Nice to know

After the first, most important formalities (see ‘ Need to know ‘) one can arrange other things later, such as:

  • Request DigiD
  • Register with a dentist
  • Convert driver’s license
  • Education/Childcare (see also ‘ education ‘)


International School Twente (ISTwente) is the International school in the East of the Netherlands, where personal attention is paramount. Based in Enschede, with a Primary and Secondary school for pupils aged 4 to 18. ISTwente offers education to over 140 pupils of more than 25 different nationalities. As a community school they organise various activities. Both in school and outside.

The quality of education is as you can expect from an international school. The school offers internationally recognized educational programmes: The Primary school follows the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the Secondary school the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). No child is the same, so the curriculum and support are tailor-made. Tailored to the level and needs of the child.

Close to Ommen you find the International School Eerde .  ISE is the only boarding school in the Netherlands and housed on the grounds of an old mansion. The school also offers regular daily education for primary and secondary years. The IPC (International Primary Curriculum) program is followed for the primary school and IGSCE and IB for secondary school.


The Expat Center will assist you

After arranging the first formalities, finding a pleasant home contributes to your employee feeling at home as quickly as possible. The Expat Center offers their succesful Relocation Service for this purpose.

Our consultant will contact your new colleague already in an early stage to inform him or her about the possibilities of temporary housing (short stay).  The next step is assiting in finding permanent housing, joining the expat on house viewings, opening a bank account, starting insurances and visit local schools. During this process we can rely on our vast network of reliable housing partners: Bricks Twente, Resort Bad Boekelo, Villapark Eureka, Short Stay Enschede en Expats at Ease.

With our Relocation Service we take matters out of your hands and make sure the expat has a soft landing. You can count on us giving you personal service.

Please contact us for the possibilities.


In the current housing market it has become a challenge to find short stay accommodation and permanent housing. Our team will do everything they can to support your employee, but you should take longer waiting time and higher costs into account. It can also be that short stay accommodation isn’t available in the prefered city of residence. There are options in the direct surroundings of the cities, but this will mean longer commuting time and therefor arranging a car for the employee. Through short lease, rental or our  partner in flexible car rental, Carsub, there are solutions to offer.


Do you have any questions? Naturally we are happy to speak to you personally, in Dutch or English. You can reach us by calling + 31 (0) 74 2503325, sending an email to info@ecen.nl or fill in the contact form.